Hello Flowers..

One day, me and Abi went to WARTEG (small food stall) for lunch.
I was not cooking that day.. xixixixi....

We passed clusters park every time we go out of the house.
Unexpectedly, along the way to home from WARTEG, Abi asked me to stop at the park.
Abi stood still for a while, watching seriously, some kind of observing, the flowers there.

Then he said:

- Mam, this flowers grow ya?
- Mam, this flower blooms.. but what is that? (pointing the flowers bud)
- Why that flower does not bloom?
- When it will bloom?
- How the flowers bloom?

For more less 10 minutes then, we were discussing about these flowers.
It was very simple to learn a thing.
It is very fun to learn science.
And, it is easy to have fun learning, as long as we strive.

#trying to share in English again#

-Tuhan Memberkati-


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