Let's Mix some Colors

Finally, our printer is back to normal ... you can not imagine how happy I am.
I then check some worksheet that should be printed a week ago with enthusiasm for this week's lesson. By the time I was checking, I found that science experiment in colors has not done yet.
I remember, before EID holiday, Abi said to me that he wanted to know the mixing of colors by using his paint colors. Hmmm... It will a good idea for experiment..

Searching in wikipedia and collecting several pictures become my habit right now. Not only for this kind experiment, but also for another activities.

For this Color Mixing Experiment, I should learn first what is a primary colors, how many colors, why RYB is picked as primary colors on human, then where the other colors come from, etc. Prepare for any "unpredictable" questions is a MUST ... Hahaha...

Instead of I explain theoretically about the colors to Abi, we do the experiment first.
We use former egg-box(plastic-pack) as where the color will be put on.
The experiment is shown below... :)

Abi picked 4 colors by himself..
Red, Blue, Yellow, and Beige
It was very coincidental, Abi picked the primary colors among 4 colors, so that I can explain in parallel with his curiosity in mixing the colors,.

Abi was very very excited..
He wanted to mix every colors finally hahaha... which is become grey and dark grey >_<
It was great experiment indeed.
Happy to know that Abi enjoyed this kind of activity.
Fun Learning! Yes!

-Tuhan Memberkati-


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