Play with Broom Stick

This afternoon, unexpectedly, Abi told me that he have an idea to play with an old broom stick after we had an experiment with fire and dry leaves by making bonfire [api unggun].
The old broom stick is laid back on our carport.
I gave him a free space to play with the stick and said "be careful" only. But still, I was watching him on our terrace.

Abi played enthusiastically and I just realized that he was skilled in holding the stick.
I am wondering now, when seeing the video [I captured it that time], "where the skill is come from".

Recalling his request couple days ago, it seems have connection.
He asked me to join martial whether it will be a wushu, aikido, or kungfu. Also he wanted to learn how to dance. Oke boy, we will find a proper place for you.

-Tuhan Memberkati-


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