Self Control

It seems that this month is bringing us to self control upgrading..
Yeah, it is true..

Abimanyu shows emotion exploration a lot, which is "bad-mood" is the most emotion he shown nowadays. I still wondering, what happen actually, till now.

Gathering more information concerning this experiences becomes my ritual lately.
I know that I need to upgrade my knowledge about this.
"I want to grow with my baby", I said to my self.
Therefore, I need to know what happen.

Many articles said that it is acceptable for 4-5 years old children do this kind of emotion.
They are exploring -still- to know which is best and suitable for the condition they feel at that time.

NO.. Big NO.. Hehehe..
It has been 60 days, and I don't Yell.
Of course, considering the Orange Rhino contest that I am following..
Yet, I realize the comfortably of creating warm environment in the house without yelling.
Thank you Orange Rhino.
Thank you God.

Well, now..
Still, it will be me and my husband's homework in self control upgrading.
Keep the SPIRIT!

-Tuhan Memberkati-


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